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The prerequisites for the birth of your social and psychological phenomena that have emerged in the dawn of humanity, become elementary forms of collective life. Ancient folks have tried to know, to know these phenomena and apply them in every day life. For instance, in several types of the ancient religions of shamans and priests have effectively utilised the capacity of individuals infected by the mass mood of your crowd, to obey the leaders inspire exposed to imitate each and every other. Collective life demanded the regulation of individual behavior that German psychologists G. and M. Gibsh Vorwerg called socio-psychological thinking, ie the capability of man to communicate effectively with other individuals, get along well with their very own kind.

In the ancient science of language ( “grammar”) studied only the native language on the scientist, but not other people’s languages; studied languages ??and prestigious intellectual culture, and living spoken language of your people (and also additional illiterate illiterate nations) remained outdoors the sphere of focus of scientists. Until the 19th century. the science of language has been prescriptive (normative), trying to not describe the living language, spoken and provided the guidelines by which “should” speak (and write). Linguistics consists of observation; registration plus a description on the facts of speech; hypotheses to clarify these information; formulation of hypotheses inside the kind of theories and models that describe the language; their experimental verification and refutation; prediction of verbal behavior.